The European Cultural Centre-Seychelles think tank.

Being aware of our social responsibility, the European Cultural Centre provides the conditions to invite intellectuals, academics, and creatives into our, as far as possible, non-religious, non-political think tank.

Initiated by Rene Rietmeyer and Nina Comini, the ECC-Seychelles think tank is set up as a meeting place for people who care about philosophical intellectual questions related to EXISTENCE. Being a source of new ideas and research in an effort to have influence upon the further intellectual development of mankind.

Mainly funded by the European Cultural Centre, this think tank is dedicated to sharing sincere, intellectual, and cultural exchanges, to further develop the fundamental goodness within human beings and leading to a better quality and meaningful existence for each and all of us.

A continuous learning process to reject values that should no longer serve us and to replace these values with newly adopted values. An influence upon human awareness especially regarding the way we live and handle important topics. Influencing public opinions and public policies; social policies, economics, security, politics, the environment, science and technology, agriculture and many more.

To achieve a peaceful sustainable world, the intellectual, environmental, social and cultural objectives have to be rebalanced with integrity, against our financial and economic interests. Creative and critical thinking, fostered by the arts and all other cultural activities, also play an important role if people are to regain trust in Europe, gain trust in their own world.

We bring together people from all parts of the world to exchange ideas between Europeans and others and therewith creating an increased awareness about our origins, about our uniqueness, our existence, embracing our cultural commons and differences.

A Place to investigate the most vital contemporary issues, having an influence upon the design of our shared future. Conclusions providing us with additional information to further develop and redefine our values.